Arab Brands and the Challenge of Digitization

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In the era of digitalization, Arab companies and brands have several ways to stand out from the mass of their competitors, stand out or even simply stand out as a particularly innovative and up-to-date company. These methods, without a doubt, also concern the products and services offered by the company, which must increasingly respond to very precise customer needs, even of a purely technological nature, with functionality that is easily intuitible, simple and, if possible, , as smooth and immediate as possible. To stand out from the crowd of competitors, even the best Arab companies will necessarily have to also exploit everything that has to do with the web, with the network, and especially with the new virtual platforms called social networks, which for some years have taken over front. instead of traditional media.

The role of social networks

In social networks, the mistake to avoid is to use the same language and grammar for the different channels: many brands, even today, continue to publish the same posts on different social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, thus giving certainty. unpleasant impression for all outside observers familiar with online communication. To differentiate itself, the brand must develop its own editorial plan for each social channel, foreseeing the use of different languages ​​(for the copy of the posts) and specific content that is capable of adapting to the particular characteristics of that social platform. Wanting to further enrich their online content, thus distinguishing themselves from the competition, Arab brands can also decide to dedicate part of their publications to people, to employee training, to all those who animate the company, thus taking a decisive leap towards the future. online communication.

By moving from communication predominantly focused on the product to content focused on people, their stories and their peculiar way of telling themselves and the brand, the company will become a much more empathetic, much more human and closer being. to the basic needs of the people. , who tend more and more to prefer real contact with their peers, even when surfing the Internet and social networks.

The rest of the company’s departments must also be able to exploit the opportunities of digitization: one of them is undoubtedly customer service, which is also based on the relationships established between two people, and on the ability of one of them (the brand representative) to solve one or several practical problems that afflict the consumer, or even simply their curiosity.

In the historical situation in which we find ourselves, determined efforts must be made to provide increasingly personalized and humane attention, capable of surprising any client with a demonstration of closeness, while remaining within virtual dimensions. From this point of view, the assistance carried out with the support of video tools, in real time, would undoubtedly contribute to humanizing the company and bringing it closer to people emotionally. A salesperson remotely displaying products on offer in the store, or a customer service employee setting up a video call to help a customer with a particular request – the possibilities are endless.

valuable allies

Online tools, from this point of view, can become exceptional allies available to companies to get closer to their public, to establish truer, more intimate relationships, based above all on the naturalness of human contact. By interacting in real time with another person, the public immediately experiences a satisfying sense of relaxation, putting them in the ideal conditions to fully appreciate the value of the brand and its products. It is certainly no coincidence that many companies have already taken this path.

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Technology can never stifle the magic of human contact. In some cases, digitization can even enhance the noblest characteristics of the human being, putting them at the service of others and their needs.

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