How Do You Transcribe Websites? What Are the Benefits?

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Today, websites have a large number of various content formats. They not only offer an immersive experience for your website visitors, but also greatly improve your search engine optimization (SEO). SEO makes your website easier for people to find when they search for the information you offer. Therefore, including different types of formats on your website improves your ROI.

However, you should not ignore the fact that not everyone can consume video or audio content at the same level. For example, some people are not 100% hearing and others are partially blind. If you don’t factor them into your website design and architecture, you’ll lose a percentage of your market share, and depending on where you live, you may face legal action.

How to transcribe websites

Website transcription is the process of making audio and visual content available and consumable to people with disabilities that prevent them from effectively understanding it. Website transcription also prevents you from being a victim of lawsuits where there are inclusion laws aimed at people with disabilities. It simply involves writing the audio and visual content on your website. After that, the site owner will upload the resulting transcript along with the corresponding content on the web page.

What are the benefits of website transcription?

Website transcription comes with a wide range of advantages. Some are very covert, while others are not. However, if you own a website, converting your content to text is one of the best things you can do to increase both your site’s reach and your ROI.

Best SEO ranking

Video content ranks much differently than written information when it comes to SEO. The main reason for this is that Google cannot analyze video content, unlike written documents. Transcripts provide a great supplement, as they prevent you from losing the effect of keywords in your script. To keep things simple, Google ranks your content better when you include text alternatives.

income increase

Increased revenue comes as a direct result of better SEO rankings. Better SEO leads to more traffic and ultimately better conversions or ad revenue. It’s pretty simple. That’s just one of the ways that transcriptions increase your bottom line. Remember that they also allow people with hearing disabilities to better consume your content. Inclusion increases your customer base and ultimately your sales numbers.

Also, remember that in some places, not including transcripts on your site is mistaken for discrimination. Lawsuits usually follow and a lot of time and money spent in court. Therefore, website transcription not only increases your income but also helps you meet the requirements.

Reduced bounce rates

Due to the increase in traffic and engagement on your site, your audience expands and spends more time consuming your content. And thanks to the more time you spend on your site, bounce rates automatically drop. A bounce rate is one of the best ways to tell if people like and interact with your content. In terms of website analytics, it’s a critical metric. A good bounce rate is between 26% and 40%. When it goes above that, you have to do something.

Another way that web page transcription helps reduce bounce rates is by turning video and audio content into blog posts. The time spent reading the transcribed content drastically reduces the bounce rate. This tells Google and other search engines that your content is valuable to web users.

Transcription is hard work

Fortunately, website owners don’t have to transcribe their content themselves. A trustworthy company that offers Website transcription services are GoTranscript. It’s usually the best route to take since the company has experience with the job and the various nuances that come with the territory.

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