How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously Without Being Seen

It’s hard to think that Instagram Stories, which debuted in 2016, has become a better method of engaging your family, friends, and fans with your daily dose of news. This is due to the fact that it appears below Instagram posts when you first open the app and immediately jumps to the next user’s content, making it easier to reach than typical posts.

However, Stories, like anything else in life, has its own drawbacks. While any of your followers or anyone else (if your profile is public) can see your story without liking it or notifying you that they’ve seen it, viewing someone’s Stories notifies them that you’ve seen it until the story ends.

This means that if you look at someone else’s Instagram story, they will be able to see if you saw it. But is it possible to assess someone’s story without them realizing it? That’s why we came to check.

How to view Instagram stories without being recognized

It is vital to remember that the user who uploaded the story can see who viewed it while reviewing it on Instagram Stories. In most cases, this isn’t a problem, but there may be times when you want to read someone’s Instagram Stories in private. There are several alternative ways to view stories without revealing your identity to the cartel, though each option has varying degrees of usefulness.

Make use of a fake Instagram account.

Using an Instagram account that is obviously not identified as yours is probably the easiest approach to secretly reading someone’s Instagram Stories. If you already have another account created, it’s as simple as linking it to Instagram and moving back and forth whenever you want to check out someone’s Instagram Stories. You’ll need to sign up for a new Instagram account if you haven’t already done so before integrating it into your app.

Turn on Airplane Mode.

By making sure your mobile device is in airplane mode before you tap on someone’s Instagram Stories, you can view them privately. you can potentially view instagram stories anonymously online unseen because Instagram preloads multiple stories to allow quick viewing even when you don’t have a reliable Wi-Fi or data connection.

To do so, open the Instagram app and go to the account’s profile, then turn on airplane mode on your device before returning to the app and tapping on the user’s stories. However, if the user in question has posted several stories in a row, it is unlikely that the app has preloaded all of them, so not all of them will be available in airplane mode.

Use a third party app or website.

There are a variety of third-party apps and websites that claim to let you access someone’s Instagram Stories without having to log in. Many of these sites are not very secure and some of them don’t even work, so use them. at your own risk.

However, if you choose to use one, the InstaStories website effectively investigated stories from a public account without telling the user in a test that it was conducted. To access an account’s stories, simply enter the account identifier on the site’s home page. It’s worth noting that the site is for public accounts only; you won’t be able to view articles from a private account.

Best Instagram Story Viewers for Android, iOS, PC

One of the most intriguing features of Instagram is the ability to post photos and videos in the form of one-day stories. A user is more likely to submit a story while simultaneously searching for others who have viewed it. There are several reasons why you might want to access someone else’s Instagram story while making sure the user is clueless about this information.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can use to remain a anonymous story viewer for instagram while browsing other people’s Instagram stories. On Android, iOS, and PC, you can use these programs to browse Instagram stories.

instagram stories

It is widely considered the best Anonymous Insta stories viewer for PC, Android, iOS. He is a well-known anonymous Instagram story viewer. Allows users to save and view Instagram stories, comments and instagram highlights while remaining anonymous. The best part of the online tool is that it does not require you to log in. In addition, its use is completely free.

To take advantage of it, simply type the profile URL or username in the search bar. However, this software can only be used to access public profiles, not private Instagram accounts. You can quickly access highlights, stories and posts while using the tool without the account owner knowing. To top it off, you can use this tool to download high-quality files. The following are some distinguishing qualities to pay attention to:

  • Visit storieshighlights and posts anonymously
  • Download high resolution content
  • View Instagram stories anonymously without account.

It is often recognized as the most effective online tool for iOS and Android devices. It is another option in the list of the best story watchers. The program strives to prioritize simplicity over complexity in its user interface. When you start the tool for the first time, a text box appears. You need to paste the username of the IG account you want to access into the text box.

The username can be typed in the text area. You can not only download the IG story viewer app using this program, but you can also download and view videos, images and other types of information from your IG account. To top it off, you can also share the stories you capture with the technology on other social networks. The following are some of the unique features of the tool:

  • Obtaining stories, videos and images for download private instagram stories
  • Share content and stories on social networks
  • Easy to use
  • Anonymously browsing different IG stories.

Among all the other features, Stories IG prioritizes overall simplicity. As a result, it is a really intuitive tool. However, it ensures that the intended task is performed without difficulty.

How to download Instagram stories, images and videos in incognito mode

The only way to view someone else’s story is to use one of the many online Instagram story viewers. Profiles do not allow you to download photos, videos or stories. Only your own profile data is available for download. Here’s an innovative tool to use in incognito mode to achieve the same result:

It is often recognized as the most effective Instagram video downloader. Incognito mode allows users download instagram stories without app and the highlights of others in private. You also can view instagram stories incognito in this app. Plus, with InstaSave, you can save high-resolution images, watch Instagram stories, highlights, reels and IGTV anonymously. The following are some of the features of the tool that you should be aware of:

  • Easy to use and easy to navigate
  • The fastest in the industry Instagram story viewer and downloader
  • No registration or login required
  • easy to download


While there are a variety of ways to explore other people’s Instagram stories, InstaStories and StoriesIG are still the best options. These apps are packed with capabilities and easy to use, allowing you to secretly access stories, clips, videos, and posts on other people’s Instagram pages. Before you start using the cheats we have provided, keep in mind that they should only be used for pleasure purposes and should not pose a threat to anyone’s security or privacy.

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